City Lights Brewing Company’s CBD Sparkling Teas

City Lights Brewing Company’s CBD Sparkling Teas will be available January 2022 initially in 3 flavors: Relief (Tumeric Mango Tea), Focus (Tropical Dragon fruit and strawberry), and Calm (Chamomile lavender). They will expand to a 4th flavor within the first 6 months of launch with “Immunity” (Citrus with vitamins and electrolytes).


We brewed our CBD Sparkline Teas to be more than just a beverage. When you crack open a cold one, we want you to feel chill and calm. Refreshed and focused. Satisfied and serene. With an oddly enlightened combination of CBD, bubbly seltzer, antioxidant-rich tea, targeted terpenes, and elevated fruit flavors, our sparkling teas can promote energy, calm, focus, and immunity and help reduce stress and pain. It’s thoughfully brewed in small batches for big flavor. So when you’re thirsty for more than a drink, we’ve got just what you need.


Life is tough, but City Lights is here to make it better. With non-alcoholic CBD sparkling tea, you can feel good while drinking good. Brewed with all natural ingredients for wellness, City Lights keeps us oddly enlightened with a splash of flavorful delight. Cheers to turning your tough days into your best days.



  • 25mg CBD per 12oz can
  • Low caffeine
  • Non-alcoholic
  • THC-Free
  • Crafted with natural terpenes
  • ZERO sugar
  • Low calories



City Lights CBD Sparkling Tea

  • Non-Alcoholic CBD Sparkling Tea Flavors

o   FOCUS: 

  • Natural Energy! Fruit Flavors! Do we have your attention yet? This Milwaukee brewed sparkling tea will help you focus with all-natural, THC-free CBD and targeted terpenes that improve concentration and energy. With bold flavors like dragon fruit and sweet strawberry, you won’t miss a beat.

o   RELIEF: 

  • Ah, what sweet relief it is! Bursting with mango flavor and the aromatic undertones of turmeric, this craft sparkling tea is the beverage that gives back to the body. The natural powers of CBD and turmeric promote pain-relief, improve focus, and calm the mind with no THC. No matter your troubles, relief is at hand—in this can.

o   CALM: 

  • What, us worry? Not with the calming properties of all-natural CBD (with no THC) and targeted terpenes. With floral notes of chamomile and lavender, this anti-anxiety, craft sparkling tea tickles your taste buds and washed away your worries. Give it a try, and you’ll be too refreshed to be stressed.

o   IMMUMITY:  Coming Mid-2022

  • If your immune system is a superhero, consider our citrus sparkling tea its shield. It treats your taste buds to bright citrus flavor while treating the rest of your body with vitamins, electolytes, terpenes, and all-natural, THC-free CBD. So you can save the day—by giving your body a little extra rest.



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