Beer Knowledge Series

The proper way to pour beer

Properly pouring beer is a skill, an art, and a science all in one. It makes for better enjoyable and much tastier beer. Drinking beer out of a glass is soooo much better than drinking out of a plastic cup. I do know Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” is a good drinking song but trust me if you want to enjoy the beer nothing beats a glass with the perfect head on it.

  1. Make sure the glass is clean and then rinse it with cold water. Not only is a dirty glass disgusting and unhealthy, it can change not only the flavor but prevent the head from forming by disruption of the cohesive process and CO2 release. The rinsing provides less friction allowing for a more fragrant head. Best with a clean ice-frosted glass.
  2. Hold your glass about one inch from the can, bottle or tapper at a 45° angle for the first half of the pour.
  3. While pouring the beer, target the middle of the side of the glass.
  4. For the 2nd half of the pour bring the glass back to a 90° angle and continue to pour in the center of the glass while increasing the distance of the pour. This is where the head is formed. A perfect head should be 1″ to 1-1/2″.