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Cold plate cooler Set Up and Troubleshooting

Cold plate cooler Set Up and Troubleshooting


In a cold plate cooler, the beer is run through an aluminum cold plate that is covered with ice. The ice coming in contact with the plate causes the plate to become cold, which in turn causes the beer running through the plate to become cold. Periodically push the ice down on the cold plate surface as it will occasionally bridge up and lose contact with the plate.


1.) Connect regulator to the CO2 tank, using a CO2 washer. Slowly crank the co2 nozzle until fully in the open position. Place tank in an area where it is secure and cannot tip over.

2.) Place cooler on a level surface with faucets facing bar or dispense area. Tap the keg and draw liquid through until all water is out of the system. Continue to dispense past the foam and into the visibly clear beer is noticed.

3.) Lift cooler lid, add ice to top and bottom of cold plate. Close lid and draw beer again until the pour clears up and a pint can be poured, this may take a few minutes to chill the cold plate.

Tips and tricks

• I have tapped the keg and nothing will come out. If you placed ice in the cooler before running beer into the system then, oops you have frozen beer lines. Empty out the ice and pour hot water into the cooler and on top of the cold plate.
• I am not sure if I have CO2 or the gas is leaking out of the tank. Please make sure you have a CO2 washer in between the regulator and the tank. It is a small plastic circular piece near the size of a dime. Once the tank is on and there is no leak, take the fitting and pull the handle out and push down in the act of tapping a keg but in the open air. If you hear gas come out your tanks is on and good. If not check the valve below the regulator. It should be in a vertical position.
• The faucet is stuck and will not open Use a pitcher to pour hot water over the lever handle. The lever is what you thread the tap handle on to.
• Use a crescent wrench to make sure regulator is secure to tank.
• Have a pitcher handy to dump out beer

Cold plate cooler Set Up and Troubleshooting


In a cold plate cooler, the beer is run through an aluminum cold plate that is covered with ice. The ice coming in contact with the plate causes the plate to become cold, which in turn causes the beer running through the plate to become cold. Periodically push the ice down on the cold plate surface as it will occasionally bridge up and lose contact with the plate.

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March Women’s Month

Amy Walberg, founder of PRESS

PRESS was founded in 2015 by Midwestern mother of two, Amy Walberg, when she couldn’t find a premium alcohol seltzer on the market. She experimented in her kitchen which eventually led to creating the brand’s first flavor, Pomegranate Ginger.

She pioneered the alcohol seltzer category and created an elevated seltzer experience that appeals to discerning consumers through unique flavor combinations.

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Lakefront Brewery Newest Beer!

lakefront brewery, chilly rabbit, dive bar, gluten-free new grist IPA

Lakefront Brewery has launched their newest brews, and perfect timing for the coming warm days. 

Part of their year round beverages, Lakefront Brewery is introducing Chilly Rabbit Cold IPA, Dive Bar Milwaukee Lager and Gluten-Free New Grist IPA.

Rabbit Chilly is named for the chilly, near-lager temperature its fermented, it’s kept at a lower temperature to help enhance the Cashmere and Idaho 7 hops flavors of tangerine, mango and strawberry.

Dive Bar will certainly make you feel like a true Midwest lager, a light-bodied and refreshing that comes with a smooth and clean finish. The maltiness is balanced by quality, imported noble hops.

 Gluten-Free New Grist IPA is a hopped up version of their best-selling gluten-free beer. It packs all the citrus, pine and dank flavors that all IPA drinkers love. It’s a well-balanced brew without getting overly bitter. 




Chilly Rabbit Cold IPA

Gluten-Free New Grist IPA

Dive Bar

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Molson Coors celebrates Milwaukee with new mural

Miller High Life celebrates 120 years with style, local Milwaukee artist Fred Kaems a multi-disciplinary artist completed the mural and worked closed with Molson Coors team to honor Miller High Life accomplishment. The mural lives on the west side of the iconic Miller High Life Theatre, which is a cultural destination and know for entertainment center. 


To learn more about Molson Coors and its work with its hometowns, visit

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Happy Thursday – Coming Soon!

Happy Thursday, Molson Coors
Happy Thursday, Molson Coors


Molson Coors is excited to launch spiked refreshers. A flavorful and fruity refresher that will drive growth to one of the largest beverage retailers in the U.S.

Molson Coors Beverage Company is jumping on the trend, and will introduce a spiked refresher, Happy Thursday, expected to launch nationally in March 2024.

At 4.4% alcohol by volume, Happy Thursday will come in four flavors – strawberry, black cherry, pineapple starfruit and mango passionfruit – Molson Coors Beverage Company believes it will attract younger legal-age drinkers that are likely to purchase a flavored alcohol drink. The beverages will be sold in 12-pack variety packs, as well as 16-ounce strawberry and 24-ounce strawberry and pineapple starfruit singles.

It’s no question that refreshers have been trending on social media platforms, where people are going as far as whisking away carbonation in their drinks with milk frothers to make a bubble-free drink. Happy Thursday will be a first-of-its-kind alcohol refresher to hit the market.

To read more about the upcoming spiked refreshers click here to see the full story.


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The Best of the Fest: Summerfest Headliner Beer Pairings

It’s an easy decision to snag tickets to see your favorite artist at Summerfest, but with so many beer options on the grounds, it’s a little less easy to decide how to celebrate – so let us do it for you! Here are some of our favorite drinks, matched up with your choice of headliner. Cheers!

A night featuring a rock band for every generation requires a timeless beer. Grab a Miller Lite and have the Time Of Your Life.

All them other boys wanna wine you up and take you downtown… But a country show and a Coors Light? That’s our kind of night.

Chicago born and raised, Chance is no stranger to a good lakefront, and neither are we! This local fave has so many options on the grounds, it’s hard to pick just one.


Believe The Hype: Terrapin’s Cryosphere IPA is a beer like no other, for a live show like no other.

Need something to cool you down while you’re Burnin’ Up with the Jo Bros? Vizzy Watermelon will do the trick!

Chris Stapleton brings the old school cool vibes everywhere he goes – cheers to a good night with the classic Miller product that started it all.

Terrapin’s Luau Krunkles will have you feeling like you’ve got your toes in the water, ass in the sand, while you’re grooving on the coast of Lake Michigan.

Because a Summerfest comedy show only happens once in a….

Dave Matthews Band. Summer Shandy. Is there a more quintessential summer combo? (Spoiler: No.)


We love Megan Thee Stallion like Megan Thee Stallion loves tequila – and the new Superbird ready-to-drink Paloma has it feeling Hot Girl Summer all year long.

Is it possible to have a Party in the USA without Miley or Terrapin’s High & Hazy? Do you really want to find out?

Create the ultimate fall experience by seeing Guns N Roses play November Rain, while drinking a Leinie’s Oktoberfest, in September.

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Raise A Beer – Oktoberfests Are Here!

Oktoberfest is finally upon us, and we’ve been working hard to bring more than 20 great brews around the greater MKE area to help you celebrate. Not only are there a number of both local and national staples ready to be cracked open, but we’ve also got three of the four beers that are exported to the US and served at THE Oktoberfest in Germany!
Wanna try ’em all? Drink five of our faves in a row, fill out the bingo card and tag us on social by October 1st for your chance to win the ultimate OktoBeerFest basket!